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This Week’s Library Treasure

Here is my latest find from a trip to the library:

The Woods by Paul Hoppe

A kid dressed in his pjs wearing a cape and carrying a sword, while eyes watch from the deep dark woods–the cover alone signals a great bedtime story–and YES, it delivers one.

Here’s why:

  • Illustrations and Paper–the illustrations and the feel of the paper (not glossy, a rougher texture) set the tone for a dreamy-in-the-woods story
  • Page Turner Tool–the story uses the until. . . method, creating the need to find out what’s next  You may feel this method has been overdone, but it works well in this story.
  • Comfort Quality–Although kids will anticipate a scare, the main character uses his imagination to conquer his fears.  AND  The tone is fun and doesn’t leave the kid with scary thoughts–If you’ve ever experienced a kid who’s afraid of the dark, you know why this is important for a bedtime story.
  • For me, A Sweet Memory–reminds me of my own favorite childhood book, I’ll Protect You from the Jungle Beasts by Martha Alexander.