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Bookstores and Paperbacks

Bookstore in Florence, Italy

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Every single day–no exaggeration, here–I read someone’s thoughts on ebooks vs. paperbacks.

And with Borders officially announcing plucking up the FOR SALE sign to file bankruptcy, bookstores seem destined for doom.

But I disagree.  My problem with these big bookstore chains has nothing to do with Nooks and Kindles or even Amazon. 

In fact, it’s the opposite.  I long for hands-on browsing where I can ask for help or recommendations from BOOKish people .  You know, people who actually READ.  Not some teen running the register who can only recommend The Lincoln Lawyer and Water for Elephants well, because, he’s just seen the movies. 

Once upon a time I fell in love with a bookstore.  A small locally owned spot where I was greeted by the owner who knew every book in stock and could place his finger on just the book I was looking for. 

His passion for the written word filled the cluttered room and lured me in–I left with an armload of books I had never even heard of before.

Sure I love the convenience of Amazon– and ebooks are most convenient and readily available.  But I still need the paper.  Curled up in bed with my son, turning the picture book page.  Staying up way too late to turn one more page–even hugging those unforgettables close when the last page is done. 

I sit at a computer all day.  My kids look at tiny screens playing video games for way too long already.  Sometimes, we need the paper.  The feel of the books between our hands.

Are bookstores and paperbacks doomed to be replaced by techno gadgets?  I think there’s room for them all.