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There are plenty of opportunities to write for kid magazines.  And with so many options, the topic possibilities are endless–just waiting on YOU to add your own fingerprint to the mix.  So today I thought I would share a few links where you can get started.  Well, actually, ONE BIG LINK where you’ll think you’ve found the mother lode. 

Did you know there is a website designated just for Kid Magazines?  It’s called “The Information Center for Writers for Children” and I think it’s the BEST place to start.  There, you’ll find listings and links, literally from A to Z.  There’s even a DEAD ZONE, keeping you informed on those mags you may have heard about, but are no longer in operation.

I suggest just taking some time to browse the many options out there.  The titles pretty much give away the audience and focus, but click on those that interest you and take a closer look. 

Oh, another great feature on this site is the guidelines link.  For most publications, the guidelines are just a click away.  However, some magazines require an email or snail mail request.  KidMagWriters.com keeps you informed on who shares guidelines online AND which ones are paying markets. 

If you are interested in writing for kids, magazines is the best place to start.  So take a few and check out KidMagWriters.com to see just where you can begin.


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