Writing for Kid Magazines

Magazines to read

As promised, here are some reminders for those wanting to submit pieces to kid magazines.

  • Know the Magazine–study several issues of the magazine noticing topics, article lengths, sidebars, age of audience, etc.  Most publications offer samples and back issues for a low price.  Or, check your local library.  Writing the perfect piece means a PERFECT fit for a specific publication. 
  • Guidelines–AFTER studying the publication, read their submission guidelines.  Most kid magazines list themes and special topics they’re looking for right on their website. 
  • Topic Twist–In today’s competitive market, you want to stand out.  Think about the topic needs of the magazine.  What slant can you take that would make the editor take notice? 
  • Be an Expert–Think about your special skills.  Specific experiences and/or special training in a particular subject will build your credibility as an expert in the field.
  • Submission Policy–Does the editor want just a query letter or the entire article?  By email or snail mail?  Make sure you read the fine print.  It pays to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.  If not, your submission will never see the light of day.

In other words, do your homework.  Plan, research, and organize your ideas.  Then, use this knowledge to provide the perfect piece for your intended magazine.  Editors will thank you.


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