Magazines, A Great Start

Magazine stand

Image by Tracy Hunter via Flickr

I’ve had many discussions with fellow writers about  just HOW to break in to the children’s book industry.  So I thought I’d share a little bit about MAGAZINE writing. 

Why start there? Here’s several reasons:

  • Writing in Demand–Think about it.  Most magazines run monthly.  This means they are filled with all sorts of information.  Magazines are always on the lookout for quality pieces with a fresh voice.
  • Specific Topics–Study any magazine and you’ll find they all have departments,many with special themes.  This is a great way for newbies who feel overwhelmed by too many ideas or worry with writer’s block where there’s no ideas at all.  This way you can find a topic you like and start there.
  • Word Counts— With these publications, there’s limited word space available.  That means every department/column must adhere to strict word counts.  For a newbie, this is great news.  First, you can breathe a sigh of relief–no pressure to write thousands of words like the latest YA bestseller. AND, it’s great discipline.  Strict word counts can teach new writers how to write tighter, keeping their pieces focused and clean.

So if a 50,000+ word count seems way out of reach or you’re just trying to get your feet wet in the world of children’s writing, magazines just may be the place for you to take the plunge.

With magazines, topics are endless and cycles continue.  Why not jump in and cycle along, too?  Next time, I’ll share a few more tips and links on KID MAGAZINE writing, so stay tuned. . .


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