What’s so funny?

I’m not funny.  At least, I don’t find myself to be funny.  But somehow, I find people laughing at certain things I say.  As a writer, I read many books on the craft that suggest adding a little humor to even the most serious story.

So I’ve tried analyzing just what makes what I say so amusing.  I still don’t know.  Apparently, I’m the only one not getting the punch line.

However, I do have a quick tip to pull from the toolbox to tickle your reader’s funny bone. 

Words with a K

  • kerplunk
  • kahuna

and also the hard g sound like:

  • girdle
  • gobsmacked

Here are some others that somehow tickle the tongue:

  • bamboozled
  • floozy
  • waddle
  • whatnot
  • loopy
  • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious–just kidding, leave this one for Mary Poppins
  • indubitably

You get the idea.   So if you’re in a pinch for funny, start by using tickling words.

When all else fails, just say, “UNDERWEAR.”

Now I’m not sure how underwear fits in, but for some reason when you mention your unmentionables kids find it hilarious–entire books are written on the subject.

  • Who Ran My Underwear up the Flagpole? by Jerry Spinelli
  • Attack of the Mutant Underwear by Tom Birdseye
  • Arthur’s Underwear by Marc Brown
  • Bear in Underwear–this is a SERIES about a bear in underwear–by Todd Doodler
  • Underwear! by Mary Elise Monsell
  • What Color is Your Underwear? by Sam Lloyd

For an extra punch call them knickers. If the K rule works, you’ll have them rolling.


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