A Star is Born

I have a scrapbook of many of the children’s book authors and illustrators I’ve met.  It’s such a treasure that I even had its cover engraved.  When I taught school, I kept it in my classroom library where my students could enjoy seeing the faces of all the authors/illustrators they had discovered while learning to read.

Now that I write full time, I flip through the scrapbook for inspiration and encouragement, remembering these beautiful people I’ve met through the years. 

Today I realized just how important my author celebrations were in my classroom.  You see, my room was covered in autographed prints and posters from favorite books.  I had Newbery and Caldecott displays.  I had bulletin boards featuring authors and their characters.

Impossible for my students to avoid them, children’s book authors became like family members and their characters were all we ever talked about.

Just like adults, kids are impressed with stardom.  They want to meet their favorite singer or movie star.  Now I must admit, we did have a Johnny Depp poster in the corner–a gift from a student after she discovered I thought Depp was a genius–but mostly, our classroom featured celebrities of a different sort.  Men and women who’ve drawn us into stories and moved us somehow.

I may never be a famous celebrity or run from the paparazzi, but I do hope my words will inspire, encourage, and somehow make a difference in the lives of my readers.


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