May is Bicycle Month

Remember your first bicycle?  I do. 

In fact, I could share an incident involving my first bike and a car that ended in a mangled mess–I learned too late to keep the bike out of the driveway

But for the kids in my small neighborhood, riding bikes was our greatest form of entertainment. 

May is Bike Month and the League of American Bicyclists has declared this week as Bike to Work Week.   Even if you can’t participate by taking a bike to work, why not take this opportunity to pull those forgotten bicycles from the back of the garage, pump up the tires, and take a spin around your neighborhood?

Bicycling is:

  • great exercise
  • better on the environment–park the gas guzzler this week
  • relaxing
  • a way to spark creativity–with no barriers, we are free to explore
  • FUN!–taking us back to carefree days

Though my first bike suffered an all-too-soon tragedy, my next bicycle (white with a yellow banana seat)  took me on unforgettable adventures for many years.  

So this week, hop on a bike and cycle along your own dusty trail in search of the next adventure.  Who knows just where it will take you?

For more information about Bike to Work Week check out .


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