Nature Walk Writing

Today’s frog-themed book is for the science lovers.  Frogs by Gail Gibbons is filled with fun facts and colorful illustrations just right for the younger audience.  As always, Gibbons takes a close look at the topic and conveys the scientific information creating more of a read-aloud than a nonfiction science book.  Though filled with facts, her stories are always page turners.

If the weather permits, grab your notebook and take your students–or just yourself–on your own nature walk.  

Take time to sit still and just observe animals and insects along the way.  How do they move?  Why are they there?  What do you notice?  Are you surprised? 

Sketch the animal in its surroundings.  Jot down observations and questions that you would like to continue investigating.

For fun, create a What if? story.  Let your imagination take you to a place you’ve never been.  Write as quickly as possible, allowing the story to flow onto the page.  You may be surprised just where the story takes you.


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