Breaking Ground

Spring peeked through this weekend, inviting my family and I to a day outside. 

We enjoyed every minute of sunshine–sprucing up the yard, cooking on the grill, and playing outdoor games– until darkness finally forced us back inside. 

What is it about the Spring that energizes and excites?

Spring symbolizes renewal and growth.  It’s a time when trees blossom and gardens grow. 

In the Spring, as we dig our hands in the dirt to sow seeds, we anticipate a later harvest of ripe tomatoes and peppers or brightly colored flowers and fragrant trees.

As writers we, too, must sow seeds.  Seeds of inspiration.  Seeds of thought.  Seeds of experience.  At first, they may seem insignificant or too tiny to be used by our big story ideas. 

But one day–out of nowhere–a small seed opens up exposing an entire story that’s been waiting to break through. 

Stories begin with a thought –an idea– a simple phrase.  It is up to you, the gardener, to break the ground and plant it.


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