In the News

I love the Sunday paper.  Maybe it’s the great coupons–I’m a bargain hunter–or it could be its association with a Sunday nap–after church on Sundays, I love to eat dinner, read the paper, and then take a long nap.

Through the years I’ve found tons of writing inspiration from the news. 

Need a new character or storyline?  Here’s an idea:

Look through the newspaper and choose that article that stands out from the rest.  For me, it’s usually the quirky ones.  After gathering the Who? What? Where? When? and How? for the story, create your own back story.

Imagine what happened long ago.  How did he/she get to here?  What happened in the past to make him/her do such a thing or react in such a way?

Remember, the article is just a springboard for your story idea.  So feel free to add, delete, or pull from it whatever YOU need for your NEW storyline.


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