A New Year’s Resolution

I love the fresh start that a New Year brings.  It’s a chance for a clean slate where we can forget last year’s failures and move forward anticipating the blessings that await.

Although I normally create a list of resolutions, this year I decided to keep it simple.  As a writer, this year I resolve to WRITE.  Yes, that’s it.  Just WRITE. 

My notebook is filled with a long wishlist of resource books to improve my craft that I do hope to read at some point, along with the other LONG list of bestsellers I can’t seem to get around to reading–but those aren’t going anywhere either. 

This year I HOPE to attend writer’s conferences

and meet regularly with my critique group

and read tons of other books

and keep up this blog

and help other writers

and keep up with the latest best sellers

and spend hours upon hours at my local library

and read professional writing periodicals

and research topics

and research writing trends

and research how to RESEARCH. . .and. . .and. . .whew!

Yes, I hope to accomplish many things during 2011.  But this year I simply resolve to WRITE as often and as regularly as possible.  Yes, for me, it’s that’s simple–write–as a writer should.


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