Another from Under the Tree

The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David Shannon  is the next book I’ll pull from my Christmas book basket under the tree.

From previous postings you know how much my family LOVES David Shannon.  I’m happy to include this one in our Christmas reading every year.

Let’s look at this book as a writer.  Here are the elements that make Christmas Extravaganza a great read aloud:

  • Opening–The first page ends with this Christmas was going to be DIFFERENT. Immediately, the reader questions What?  What’s going to be different?
  • Scrooge–Soon we are introduced to Mr. Clack, a Scrooge-like character who heats things up–nothing like a grouchy neighbor at Christmas to dampen your holiday spirits.
  • Dad Who’s Lost It–As the story progresses, we can’t WAIT to turn the page to find out just what ELSE this dad will add to the already crowded Christmas display.
  • Ending with a Twist–So I won’t share this part, just in case you haven’t read it, but the fun twist at the end is sure to add a smile.

Though I’m looking at this as a writer and not an illustrator–I can’t even draw a stick man–I must add a note about the illustrations.  David Shannon’s illustrations in this one carry the text along in a remarkable way.  There’s even an extra poster-type feature page in the middle, creating what is truly a Christmas Extravaganza!


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