Dear Santa,

Christmas is a great time for teaching writing to kids.  Why?  endless topics

Here’s a twist to the typical Santa letter kids are sure to enjoy.

Teaching Idea:  Persuasive Letters

Review the parts of a friendly letter with your students.  You may also want to review how to write a persuasive paragraph.  After review, ask students to write Santa a letter persuading him of one of the following:

  • You (the student) deserve all the gifts this year.
  • Santa should give all of his toys to disadvantaged children this year.
  • Santa should retire his reindeer and buy a jet.
  • Santa has the best job in the world.
  • Santa should take you (the student) on his Christmas Eve delivery this year.

Are you convinced?  Provide the students with festive stationery to write the final drafts of their letters.  Allow them to share their letters, noting strong statements of persuasion.  These would make a great display in your classroom for the holidays.


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  1. You’re just full of fun and exciting ideas, Mrs. WS.

    See you in Feb. at Write2Ignite! Check out your bio on our website at



  2. thanks, Jean!


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