A Reason for Thanksgiving

Reading Sarah Morton’s Day by Kate Waters certainly gives me plenty of reasons to be thankful.   The book describes a typical day in the life of Sarah Morton, who was a real nine-year-old pilgrim girl. 

This story is great way to compare the differences between lives then and now.  We take our modern-day conveniences for granted and seem to forget just how difficult life was for those early settlers.  I’m so thankful for running water, a warm home, and electricity!

After reading this book, we’ll have no trouble listing countless things we are thankful for.

Writing Idea:  As you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, pause each morning to jot down 5 things you are thankful for.  Later, choose one item from your list and write about it. 

  • Write a poem–it could be as simple as an acrostic. 
  • Write a prayer of thankfulness. 
  • If you chose a person, create a fun story with him/her as the main character.  Share the story with that person. 
  • If you choose an item, such as electricity or some other invention, research that topic and create an informative piece.

By the way, the boys enjoy reading the boy version– Samuel Eaton’s Day by Kate Waters.


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