Let’s Talk Turkey!

With Thanksgiving Day soon approaching, I just HAD to share this fun writing activity that I use to teach persuasive writing.

Teaching Idea:  Read aloud Eve Bunting’s A Turkey for Thanksgiving.  In this story, Mr. Moose tries to find Mrs. Moose a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.  Of course, the turkey is reluctant to attend the dinner, but soon discovers he’s an honored guest AT the table instead of ON it.

After reading, ask your students to pretend to be a turkey who must convince the hunter to pass him by. 

Here are some discussion ideas you could use to help your students brainstorm:

  • What would you say to the hunter? 
  • How could you persuade the hunter NOT to choose you for his Thanksgiving feast?
  • What are some good reasons why the hunter should not choose you as his turkey?
  • Are there other choices for the hunter?  If so, what are they?

After brainstorming, ask the students to write a persuasive paragraph.  Provide turkey cutouts–or materials for students to create their own–along with signs for the turkey to carry to share the persuasive paragraphs.  This makes a great “Let’s Talk Turkey” classroom display.

note:  When teaching persuasive paragraphs, I remind my students to state the most convincing reason last.


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