Fall Fun for Writing

Costumes, carnivals, and lots of candy are just a few of the reasons we love this time of year. 

As a writer, that translates to–tons of writing opportunities! 

For Teachers:  Think back to your childhood.  What costumes do you remember?  How about attempts at carving pumpkins, making candied apples?  What was your favorite trick or treat?

If possible, share snapshots of past fall celebrations with your students.  They would love to see your third grade clown costume or the look on your face as you rode your first ride at the fair. 

Brainstorm with your students fall topics, creating a chart to keep displayed throughout the season.  Each morning before the writing session, choose one of the topics and lead a brief discussion.  This can help motivate those students who need a jumpstart in their notebooks.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Great classroom ideas, Mrs. WS.
    And who is this adorable Rubic’s Cube person?



  2. Thanks, Jean–that’s my son–my husband made the costume–isn’t it great?


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