Now that’s BIG!

Yesterday I mentioned my love for Tall Tales.  One of my favorite larger-than-life  characters is Paul Bunyan.  Have you read The Bunyans by Audrey Wood?

The story spins a tale of Paul meeting his wife, Carrie, and their two children, Little Jean and Teeny.  Now, of course, there is nothing little or teeny about any of them! 

The Bunyans travel throughout the US creating everything from Niagara Falls to the Rocky Mountains.  This one is loads of fun for a class read-aloud.

Teaching Idea:  As a teacher, there are several opportunities for geography lessons, but I liked to use this one for a fun writing activity (of course).

I traced out a huge ox to represent the Bunyans pet, Babe.  I wrote the word BIG in the middle of the outline.  I asked the students to listen for other words that meant big found in the story.  As we reread the book, we found gigantic, behemoth, large, mammoth, enormous, giant, gargantuan, etc.–We then wrote those words on the ox outline to display in our room for further writing ideas.

The students LOVED the BIG words and began using them in all sorts of ways.  We talked about synonyms and using a thesaurus–it led to even more learning fun!

I hope you’ll check out this great tall tale, which, btw, was illustrated by the great David Shannon.


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