Larger than Life

I love tall tales.  Characters like Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill really make for some wild and crazy adventure.  That’s why I spent a whole month each year in the classroom featuring tall tales.

Larger Than Life Character Maps : This activity was always a favorite to celebrate what we had learned about tall tales.

Johnny Appleseed

After spending a couple of weeks or so reading about several tall tale characters, divide the class into groups, assigning a different character to each.

  • Each group chooses a student to outline onto butcher paper.
  • Color and decorate the outline to resemble the assigned tall tale character.
  • Write words that describe the character around the outline creating a large character web.
  • Below each word, give evidence from the tall tales supporting that character trait.

Sally Ann

It’s a great hands-on activity that emphasizes the exaggerated elements of a tall tale. 

Tall Tale Hall of Fame:  We displayed our character maps in the hallway for other classes to enjoy as well.


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