thank you, Ed Emberley

Today is Ed Emberley’s birthday and I just had to celebrate.

Why?  Because his book was the very first one I checked out from the library!  I was around 5 or 6 and had just discovered the beautiful world of books.  My heart pounds with excitement just thinking back. 

That summer, the bookmobile pulled up– right to my driveway.  Yes!  It was like the books were calling ME.  Anyway, Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals caught my eye and I checked it out.  In fact, I continued checking it out often so that I could have time to draw every animal.  The book made me feel like a real artist.  His step-by-step instructions made it easy.  So thank you, Ed, for such an incredible book. 

Over the years I’ve used his books in my classroom to share with my reluctant readers the fun of a good book.  These hands-on experiences motivated them to check out more. 

Make sure to check out Ed Emberley’s Website – with tons of kid-friendly activities, I hope you’ll share it with the kids in your life.

and–Happy Birthday, Ed Emberley!


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