Corn Dogs and CottonCandy

Step Right Up!  It’s a fun-filled night at the FAIR!

For me, the fair spells FALL.  The lights, sounds, and smells take me back to days long past and I feel like a child again. 

Unfortunately, the greasy foods and Tilt-a-Whirl remind me that I’m not!


Teaching Idea:  Photocopy an image of a fair scene in the center of a sheet of paper.  Give each student a copy and instruct them to list the 5 senses around the image.  Allow them time to think of words or phrases to describe the fair using their 5 senses.  Discuss their thoughts as a class.  Your students may need extra time to fill up their white space with even more ideas.

  • What special memories come to mind?                                                                                  
  • What is your favorite ride?   food?   game?                         

Your students now have a great source of writing ideas that could take their writing in many different directions.                                               

**Don’t forget to share your own memories with your students.  Modeling is a great way to break the ice when beginning a writing exercise like this one.


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