An Interview with David Shannon

Did you know that David Shannon wrote No, David! when he was only a kid? Of course the illustrations look like a five-year old drew them, but I didn’t realize they really were!  In fact, when he first drew the pictures, he drew them as a professional artist would–realistically–but somehow, David just didn’t seem to fit the pictures.  So he went back to his original, kid-version from long ago, and drew David as he was meant to be.

I learned this and more from a video interview of David Shannon and thought you might be interested and watching it as well. 

As a writer, I enjoy learning from the greats.  I love to hear how they work, how the story comes alive for them, and where their ideas are found.  David Shannon’s mom pulled the No, David! story out from the past, and from there, this series was born.

These tidbits about authors encourage the rest of us to pull from our own lives– memories, observations, and thoughts–to create our own stories.  Kids will be encouraged to know that David’s story began when he was just a kid himself.

David Shannon Interview  (click here to enjoy the interview)


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m going to check out that video! We love Mr. Shannon’s “A Bad Case of Stripes”. Fabulous!


  2. […] I hope you’ll check out this great tall tale, which, btw, was illustrated by the great David Shannon. […]


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