3 Little Dassies

This week, my librarian shared another great one!  This one is by author/illustrator Jan Brett. 

After camping in Namibia in southern Africa, Brett was inspired to write The 3 Little Dassies, her African version of the 3 Little Pigs.

As always, her illustrations are colorfully detailed and include her signature side pictures.  I love the way she mingled the classic fairytale with her own experience in Namibia to create such a Brett-style story.  The wolf’s huffs and puffs are replaced by an eagle’s flaps and claps.  Readers will love to compare the two versions.

Try It:  Pull some old fairytales and take an afternoon just to read and enjoy.  Take a few days to jot down thoughts from the stories, thinking about their common elements such as good vs. evil, numbers like 3 and 7, happily ever after, etc.  Think of another animal, habitat, and/or time period to create your own.


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