It’s Roald Dahl Day!

As I was enjoying the official Roald Dahl website (  last week, I came across this quote from Dahl.  I couldn’t write anything worth reading in an hour.  Enough said.  Whether as writers or teachers, I hope we will keep this in mind.  As a teacher I had a tight schedule where “writing time” was squeezed in between math and P.E.  How could I expect a well-written anything from my students with those time constraints?

Writing is a process.  We read, observe, listen, experiment, and more.  For me, the stories that end on the page sprouted from seeds sown many years ago.  Yet we expect our students to take an assigned topic, write a neat outline, and produce a well-written story ALL in an  hour or less. 

If the world’s greatest storyteller found this task impossible, then chances are–it is.  We all need more time for stories to marinate in our minds until they will pour onto the page.

So what do we do as teachers?  If you visit you will also find his SOLUTION.  Through wordplay and other activities, there are many teachable opportunities that can be used in the short “writing time” sessions we’re allowed with our students. 

Also, check out this Dahl website for fun games, a Roald Dahl photo album, calendar, and plenty more to celebrate Roald Dahl together.

Let’s learn from the great Roald Dahl and be inspired.  Who knows just where today’s words may lead us tomorrow?


One response to this post.

  1. What a cool website Dahl has! And I must agree with him. It takes me an hour to get my mind into the creative stream, THEN I can write.



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