The Life of Roald Dahl

Ever wonder how best-selling authors come up with such wonderful ideas?

As a writer, I love to read how my favorite authors find writing inspiration and ideas.  If you read Roald Dahl’s Boy:Tales of Childhood, you’ll learn how his childhood made its way into his stories.

“The Great Mouse Plot of 1924” is one such incident–The book describes Dahl’s boyhood fascination with a local sweet shop and how he and his friends once decided to drop a mouse into the gobstopper jar.  Gobstoppers?  Hmmm. . .that sounds familiar. . .

After reading, I was able to catch a glimpse of how this storytelling genius pulled from his past and everyday moments to create such captivating stories. 

Reading Boy, you’ll find that Roald Dahl lived a pretty exciting life, almost as fascinating as his fictitious stories.  This news could be discouraging for us writers who feel our lives are mostly ordinary. 

But could it be that Roald Dahl chose to pull fascination from his own ordinary? Just like Dahl, we all have unique experiences waiting to be plucked from our memory and shaped into a story. 

Even if we only remember small fragments, those threads can be sewn into our own fictitious creations.  It’s how we decide to weave all the threads together that will make the difference.

Writer’s Tip: Begin a memory journal.  Take a few minutes each day to jot down memories from your past.  You may be surprised at what blossoms.


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  1. Great idea. A memories journal.

    Thanks, Mrs. WS


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