National Grandparents Day

This year National Grandparents Day will be celebrated Sunday, September 12th.  It’s a great opportunity to share with children the nurturing love and wisdom our elderly provide.  So plan now for this Sunday’s celebration.

Here are some of my favorite grandparent picture books.

What Grandmas Do Best/What Grandpas Do Best      by Laura Numeroff   This book is actually two books in one.  Read what Grandmas do best, then flip it over and read what Grandpas do best. 

The Grandpa Book or The Grandma Book both by Todd Parr                                 Now who doesn’t love reading aloud a book by Todd Parr?  The simplistic pictures, bright colors, and love, love, love that his books provide, make them all perfect read-alouds for bedtime.  His books just make me smile.

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs  and Now One Foot, Now the Other both by Tomie dePaola   Though these books are more serious, they are great opportunities to lead a discussion with kids about the relationships they share with grandparents and also how we should have compassion for those who are now dealing with age-related health issues.  Both are beautiful stories.

Read-Aloud Extensions

Snapshots:  Nothing says “I’m a Proud Grandparent” like pictures of the grands!  Choose some fun family snapshots and create a collage, mini scrapbook, or oversized card to present to Grandma or Grandpa.  Make sure everyone in the family participates by writing special thoughts or adding extra drawings, personalizing the gift with shared memories.

Poetry:  Write Haiku, use the classic Roses are Red line, use the acronym GRANDPA and think of words that start with each letter, ( G-giving, R-reads to me, A-always smiles, etc.) or just write free verse from the heart.  No matter what, Grandpa is sure to treasure each word.

Let’s Include Others:  There are many lonely elderly living around us.  Adopt an elderly neighbor and celebrate this special day with him/her.


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