Back to School!

Right now, the sales papers are filled with great bargains for school supplies.  Parents are filling their carts with pencils, crayons, and notebook paper. 

For me, this time of year is just as exciting as Christmas.

Pens, pencils, paper clips, and crayons–I love them all!  Yesterday, I had to contain myself as I filled my cart with supplies for my own children. 

Fully aware of my school supply obsession, my husband accompanied me to keep a careful watch on the shopping cart.  My task was to stick to the list each school had provided and–well, although I did buy a few extra notebooks and folders, I think I did a pretty good job of controlling my spending urges. 

With cool graphics and handy gadgets, they’ve come a long way in the school supply list area.  And, oh, how I longed to fill my cart with every single one.

Many women enjoy the thrill of filling their closets with purses and shoes, a new dress or the latest bling.  For me, it’s a clean sheet of paper and a newly sharpened pencil.  Ah, the wonderful smell of a freshly opened pink eraser.


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