Happy Birthday, Gail Gibbons!

Need a read-aloud that ties in with a certain theme or topic in your classroom?  Check out books by Gail Gibbons!  She is the master of nonfiction for children’s picture books.  From apples to the zoo, her countless books cover every topic from A to Z.

Through detailed illustrations, captions, and simple text, Gibbons is able to teach complicated scientific topics and concepts in a way that even I can understand!

These books are a great tool to introduce a new topic.  Visit her website at www.gailgibbons.com to find titles to include in your long range plans.  While there, make sure you check out her teacher resource guides. 

Explore the World of Science with Gail Gibbons includes a list of her books by theme, making it an easy reference.  A Year with Gail Gibbons also has a similar format.  THESE TEACHER GUIDES ARE FREE, so don’t miss out!  They include several activities for many of her books.

Our thanks to Gail Gibbons for the wonderful resources she provides for teachers and students.  Happy Birthday, Gail!


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