Mo Willems King of the Picture Book

Want to know what makes a great picture book?  Ask Mo Willems.  With simple characters, quirky conversations, and extra surprises along the way, this guy has discovered the secret formula!

My librarian shared this book with me last week:

Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep! is a wonderful choice for bedtime.  Its predictable text is great for the younger audience and the surprise ending is sure to give the adult reader a chuckle or two. 

The illustrations are priceless.  With each turn of the page, you find a different character going through his/her own bedtime ritual–Mo Willems style, of course.

Check it out.  This is the book you’ll enjoy reading over and over.

For more on Mo Willems, visit

Note:  Out of all the books I checked out this week, my son immediately grabbed this one.  Can’t judge a book by its cover?  My son knows a good book when he sees it!


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  1. Thanks, Mrs. WS. I’ll look for this one at my library today!



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