Happy Birthday, Jim Davis!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Jim Davis, the wonderful cartoonist who gave us Garfield.

Everyone seems to have a cartoon favorite and Garfield is certainly mine. 

I remember as a child, my mom bought me a blue canvas Garfield lunch tote (notice canvas–not a metal box like all the others) and I thought I was the coolest kid in fourth grade!  No more bruised knees from running to the school bus with my old metal lunchbox–  Boy, I was ahead of the times!

As I write this blog, my youngest son is in our den watching old episodes of Garfield and Friends.  He has now become Garfield’s newest fan!

Ever wonder how much influence those cartoon characters have on your children?  My son asked for a cat named Foo Foo for Christmas, based on some Garfield episode.  He also names lasagna as his favorite meal and Jon Arbuckle comes up frequently in our conversations. 

Compared to some of the more violent and obscene characters today, I’ll take Garfield any day.

So thanks, Jim Davis and happy birthday!

I must note however, last weekend my son selected his lunchbox for first grade–the old metal type with the Batman emblem! I tried to convince him to choose one of the other modern lunch totes.  No, he wants something different.  I fear he may be just like his mother!


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