Are Your Thoughts in Full Bloom?

I am always reading books, articles, and blogs on ways to improve my writing. 

Through the years I’ve learned all sorts of techniques that have certainly helped.

However, sometimes our problem is not how to write but what to write. 

As a writer my goal is to write everyday.  Most days I have too many ideas swarming.  Those days there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

But then there are days when life clouds my thoughts and I need help generating fresh ideas.

That’s why I’ve given so many writing prompts this summer.  Hopefully, you’ve been able to use them to stir your own thoughts.

Here are some other simple suggestions for those days when your writing seems droopy:

  • Change the Setting–Although I love my office and my morning cup of coffee, sometimes I need a change.  I have found that a quick trip to the library, park, or even to the swing in my backyard is just what I need for a little writing inspiration.
  • Set the Timer–Write one word in the middle of your paper.  Then grab an egg timer and set it for 10 minutes. Write as many thoughts and ideas about your word until your 10 minutes are over.  This helps to un-clutter your thoughts to focus on a topic.
  • Buy a Book–not just any book, but one filled with writing prompts.  This was an essential tool for me when I first began writing on a daily basis.  It helped me get into a routine as a professional writer.
  • Read, read, read–Of course this goes without saying, BUT, just in case–READ!  Grab the newspaper, visit a bookstore, check out some books at your local library.  Nothing inspires writing more than reading someone else’s writing.
  • Newspaper/Magazinesthe great thing about these publications is that you can clip them!  Skim through the pictures and captions.  Does something catch your eye?  Clip it out and tape it into your writer’s notebook for a day when you need a little inspiration.

One response to this post.

  1. Great suggestions. I’m afraid somedays the only thing I write is my grocery list!



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