Room with a View

On the Ground or from the Top?

Yesterday, I shared some Lighthouse writing prompts.  Here’s another idea.

After discussing the lighthouse and its purpose, imagine what it’s like from the very top.  What do you see?  How far can you see?  How different is your view from the ground compared to what you can see from the top?

This would be a great introduction for teaching point of view.  Many times my students would tell things or thoughts that the character telling the story could not know.

As a writer, I’ve been guilty of this one myself!

The lighthouse could serve as a reminder that if you are telling the story from the point of view of the person standing at ground level, then you won’t be able to know the same things as the person looking out from the top.

Your lighthouse photo could remain displayed in your classroom as a visual reminder of point of view. 

I think I’ll pull one of my own lighthouse photos and clip it in my journal!


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