Lighting the Way

My husband and I have always enjoyed touring lighthouses. 

Well, let’s just say I enjoy the thought of exploring a lighthouse–from the ground.  It’s when I climb to the top that I realize it wasn’t the best idea! 

I have a horrible fear of heights.  There’s been several times my husband has had to coach me back down. 

So here’s an idea for your Summertime Journal.  Find a large photo of a lighthouse or various ones to pass around to your students. 

I’ve collected postcards from vacation spots to use for this activity. 

Discuss with your students the importance of a lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper’s responsibilities, etc. 

As a class, brainstorm some story titles and record them on a chart.  Keep the chart posted for the next week or so for students to use as prewrite ideas.

Here are some titles to include to get your students thinking:

  • A Storm at Sea
  • The Mysterious Guest at the Lighthouse
  • Trapped in the Lighthouse!
  • Barney, the Lighthouse Dog

Remember:  Go ahead and find a lighthouse picture and write your own story in your Summertime Journal to share with your students.  The more samples in your journal, the more useful it will be during the school year.



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