Celebrating Patricia

Thank You, Mr. Falker is probably every teacher’s favorite Patricia Polacco book because it shares the author’s story of how a teacher changed her life forever. 

The book describes the devastating feelings from other kids’ teasing and the shame she felt growing up unable to read.  It is a wonderful opportunity for class discussion.

I once watched a video of Patricia Polacco sharing this heartwarming story.  I found myself wanting to stand up and cheer for her teacher and was thrilled when she told how she’d finally been able to celebrate the story with the real Mr. Falker (his name was changed for the book).

Teaching Idea:  Say Thanks!

How many kids, or even adults, know how to write a friendly thank you note?  Why not use this story as an opportunity to teach your students the importance of saying thanks?

In the story, Trisha is forever grateful to her teacher for teaching her to read. 

Ask your students to think of people in their lives who’ve done things for them.  Provide thank you notecards to motivate the students to put forth their best effort to say thanks.  I’m certain these notes will be well-received.  From time to time I pull out some of the sweet thank-yous from former students.  Their notes and cute pictures make me smile.


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