Celebrating Patricia

To continue our celebration of Patricia Polacco’s birthweek, I had to include her own birthday book, Some Birthday!

Patricia worries all day long that her birthday is completely forgotten until the day turns out to be the most exciting birthday ever.

Teaching Idea:  Descriptions

Before reading the story, brainstorm with students and chart any ideas about birthdays.  (“Happy Birthday” song, candles, cake, presents, games, party hats, etc.)  What if your birthday was completely forgotten?

Read the story and discuss what made Patricia’s birthday so special.  Have students write a description of one of the following:

The Best Birthday Party Ever

The Birthday Wish

My Favorite Birthday Memory

You get the idea.  Use some sort of fun paper with a birthday theme and display the descriptions after students share.  Of course, go ahead and write your OWN birthday memory to share as well. 

I once shared about my aunt running over the bike I had received for my birthday with her car!  That sparked a lot of ideas and led to a discussion on how things don’t always go the way we plan.


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