Worth A Thousand Words

Last week, my son enjoyed a wonderful art program at our local art center.  He came home with all sorts of cool projects and was thrilled to pose with each and every masterpiece.

Art is an excellent source for writing inspiration!  Here are some ideas to try in the classroom:

  • Set the Scene-Gather some “scene” type pictures of familiar settings (beach, lake, enchanted castle, etc.) from magazines.  Paste the pictures to the center of a large sheet of paper.  Allow students to work in groups jotting down words that come to mind around the picture.  Give time for groups to share their ideas and thoughts.  Then display these for future journal writing ideas as a reference for setting the scene for a great story.
  • Busy Pictures-Display a picture with lots happening or that contains a variety of items, such as the I SPY pictures.  Set the timer for 2-3 minutes while students list as many items as they can.  You could narrow the topic to verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc. 
  • Busy Pictures cont.-Before class, write a story about something small or hardly noticed within the picture.  After the students have completed the above exercise, point out what you noticed and share your story.  This is a great way to demonstrate that stories are everywhere!

This summer, flip through magazines for interesting pictures or check out some great art samples found in books at your local library.  Brainstorm quick ways you can incorporate art into your writing lessons.  I’ll share some more of my art writing ideas as well.


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