Pets Rock!

Here’s a fun way to wrap up a week or two of pet-themed read-alouds and writing activities.

Read Pet Show! by Ezra Jack Keats and discuss what makes a great pet.  With those ideas in mind, provide a smooth rock or pebble for each student.  Allow the students to decorate the rocks as their “pets.”  Make sure your students name their new pets and give them life-like characteristics in their writings. 

Here are a few writing prompt suggestions:

  • write a persuasive-convince me to choose your pet rock as the best pet
  • describe your wildest adventure with your pet rock
  • imagine your pet rock possesses one magical ability
  • your pet rock enters a talent contest
  • Once upon a time. . . rewrite a famous fairytale starring your pet rock

Of course, you are your best asset.  Create your own pet rock, give it a great name, and share with your students an extraordinary pet rock adventure.  Be creative and your kids will too! –Go ahead this summer and create your pet rock and story.  That way, it will already be prepared before the hectic school day rush.

After everyone has had time to share and celebrate, display the rocks (with their stories) on a table in your classroom, hallway, or school library.


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  1. A great idea for class room OR home school parent.



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