For the Love of a Pet

“Here you go, mama,” smiled the kennel owner.  I lifted the small white puppy to my face and looked in her round black eyes.  In an instant, I’d fallen in love and our home would never be the same.


Pets are part of the family.  They add new experiences and fun-loving tales to our homes.  My students have shared many pet stories; from dogs that sang to hamsters having babies.   Sharing these stories strengthened our class and helped to build a sense of community as we made connections through the joys and sorrows of owning a pet.  I also found that those who never owned a pet had plenty to share on this topic.

So this week I’m dedicating my blog entries to Millie, my Maltese, who serves as my own writing inspiration and gives me tons of writing topics. 

This week will be filled with all sorts of read-alouds, writing responses, and prewrite ideas that focus on the world of pets.

Summer Time Journal:  In the meantime, grab your camera and:

  • take a snapshot of your own pet
  • pull an old photo of you spending time with a childhood pet
  • take a snapshot of an unusual pet–tiny as an ant or big as an elephant
  • draw a picture of an imaginary pet

Tape your photo into your journal and write about it.  Some ideas to get you started:

I remember when. . .

What if. . .

If I had a _________ as a pet I’d. . .

The ideas are endless on this one!  The best part?  Your students will love that you shared your own pet story with them.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Millie is so cute.

    Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 25 established by the Dogsitters group. That event triggered a whole week’s worth of ideas for my blog, Reading, Writing, and Recipes. I even developed a Dog Biscuit recipe fit for dogs as well as humans! Thanks for visiting my commenting on my blog.

    A hint: if you have problem with the dog (or cat or child) unrolling toilet paper, put the roll so the flap goes over the back toward the wall. Then if the roll goes around and around and around, it tends to flap rather than unroll. However, it looks like your dog “took the bit in her mouth and ran with it” just as if she was planning on TPing a tree or two. 😎 I guess my tip wouldn’t work for her.


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