For Sale: Spacious Hut with a View

Here’s a fun writing idea for your students. 

Display a picture of a tiny hut/cave/space similar to the one I have here.  Ask your students to imagine what it would be like to live in this small hut.  After some discussion to get everyone brainstorming with ideas, instruct the students to convince you to live there.

REMEMBER: You want your photo example to be tiny.  It should be a place that most people would NOT want for their living space.  The point is persuasion.  This would be an opportunity to discuss how advertisements can be misleading.

Here’s the key notes for this assignment:

  • write a “commercial” for this hut as a valuable piece of property
  • think of selling points-What would make this a great/unusual/exciting home?
  • be creative-it’s your hut so use your imagination, the picture is just a reference point
  • what is the BEST selling point?-save that description for last to leave your reader with the best reason he/she should buy


The Teacher’s Assignment:  In order to give this assignment you must first be willing to complete it yourself.  Use my photo or choose your own.  Snap a picture of a familiar space or find something really unusual.  Grab your Summertime Journal and use your own  imagination to write your persuasive.  Later, you’ll have this as a great model for your students.

After writing, consider this:  Was it difficult?  If so, what could you change to help your students with this assignment?


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