Buried Treasure

Need writing inspiration?  Head to the beach!  The salty breeze and soothing sounds of the ocean waves will clear your head of all the busy thoughts of everyday living.  Best of all, the seashore is a chest filled with never-ending treasures, waiting to be discovered.

Last summer, I found these three conch shells within minutes of each other.  My boys spent the rest of the afternoon combing the beach, gathering all sorts of shells and sea creatures.  Fortunately, I was able to convince them that the animals needed to stay put in their own habitat!

My conch shells would serve as a wonderful writing prompt in the classroom.  Here are some ideas:

  • Allow the students to hold and touch the shell, listening to the “ocean sound” when pressed close to the ear.
  • Chart descriptive words about the shell together.
  • Brainstorm ideas about its “life” under the sea.  Where has it been?  Who’s held it? These questions are limitless.
  • What what it be like to live in a shell?  Write a diary entry from the shell dweller’s point of view.

Looking across the ocean, I’ve often wondered about the mysterious world beneath its waves.  What exotic creatures are hidden away, yet to be discovered?  How long have they been there?  How have they survived? 

Just as the ocean, our writing is filled with endless possibilities.  So grab that journal and set sail to wherever your pen may lead!–Happy Writing


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