A Storm at Sea

The boys had a great time pretending they were pirates fighting a storm at sea, so I added this one to my journal.  Some story ideas:

  • The pirate who was afraid of water
  • A mysterious ship on a stormy night
  • The pets of a pirate; a cat? monkey?
  • Skinny Legs Smitty and his search for Capt. Cordell

Sometimes as a writer I feel like I’m lost at sea.  My words trail off in all sorts of directions until I forget what in the world I was even trying to say!  It’s in those times I dig deeper until I uncover a true treasure that’s been buried deep within me just waiting to be discovered.  Don’t give up.  A story is written one word at a time.  What’s that single thought that keeps bouncing around in your head?  Explore that idea and keep writing.

Great Pirate Words and Phrases to Explore:  galleon, piece of eight, walk the plank, cutlass, doubloon, privateer, plunder, loot, mutiny

Use some of these words as inspiration for an adventure at sea.  

to be continued. . . I used the Pirate theme once for an entire semester in my classroom.  I’ll be sharing more great ideas on this topic later.


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