That Poor Ol’ Wooden Head

Remember the old country song “Kaw-lija” by Hank Williams about the wooden statue?  Yesterday my husband and I took the boys to visit our state museum.  I snapped this photo while touring a section about the types of trees common to our area and thought it was a great one to use for my Summertime Journal.  Now I can’t seem to get that old song out of my head!

Here are my brainstorming thoughts:

What is his name?

What is he thinking?

Who/What does he love?

Where is he from?

Was he once a peasant? prince? king? magician?

How did end up sitting in a museum as a wooden statue?

Was there a curse? enchanted forest–what could break the curse and set him free?

What do you think?  Record your thoughts in your own journal.  Write a follow-up poem, fairy tale, or legend.


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