School’s Out for Summer!

Ah, the relaxing days of summer.  Every year I’d box up all my supplies and prepare my classroom for its summertime scrubbing.  Though I was anxious to begin my vacation, handing in my key on the last day of school was always difficult. 

For me, summertime was just a couple of months working from home.  I took classes, researched new teaching methods, and worked on next year’s long range plans.  As I drove away on that last day, I worried.  What if I left behind something that I would desperately need for my summertime planning?

Spending most of my time with other teachers, I know I’m not alone.  That’s why I’ve decided to discuss ways you can prepare for the upcoming year without forfeiting your much deserved vacation.  Relax!  You’ve worked hard all year and it’s time for some fun in the sun.  Don’t worry!   This summer I’ll share tons of ideas on how to incorporate your vacation time into your upcoming long range plans.  So put down that hefty teacher’s manual and grab that bestseller you bought months ago.

Your homework?  Designate a notebook as your Summertime Journal and make sure your camera is in working order.


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