Sketch It!

Read aloud a picture book that has detailed descriptions of places or memories.

For this activity, I love to use All the Places to Love by Patricia Maclachlan. 

Why I love it:  Descriptive words describing places on a farm that captivitate the simplicity of life there.  Accompanying illustrations painted by Mike Wimmer are beautiful!

How to use it:

  • Read aloud and discuss details from the story.
  • Ask each studen to think of his/her favorite place and sketch a picture of it.
  • Allow time for the students to think about what makes this place special, adding details.
  • With a partner, discuss the sketch.  Where is it?  What’s there?  Why is it such a special place?
  • If time permits, ask for volunteers to discuss their sketches with the entire class.

Remember, this is a prewrite activity.  Take the sketches and staple them inside the writer’s notebook.  This visual may be used as a seedbed for a story later.


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